About Us

Our Vision 

Niranjan Bhagat – A Health Insurance consultant to empower and aware as many customers as possible about the importance of health insurance and help them make a wise decision when choosing health insurance that fits their needs.

With a staggering 139 crore population, India’s insurance density is at Rs 743.94 Per state, with insurance density being highest in Chandigarh (Rs 4529.8), then in Goa (Rs 2163.8) and Delhi (Rs 2048.4),  and Meghalaya (Rs 213.6).

Health insurance is something people overlook easily and when the need arises in hospital bills, people often spend their savings to keep up with the bills. This is the story of many such Indians, and this is why Niranjan Bhagat became who he is today.

Think health insurance, think Niranjan Bhagat!

Niranjan Bhagat, a health insurance consultant with 9+ years of knowledge. It is now Niranjan’s goal to guide and help people when they need someone the most.

Niranjan Bhagat makes health insurance fits your needs, not the other way around.

Niranjan’s aims to provide comprehensive health insurance and subscription options for all sizes of businesses. Protective health insurance will ensure employee retention, productivity and attract more talented employees making your business an overall happier place to work.

Niranjan believes in empowering, building long-lasting relationships with you, and lead you to your perfect health insurance plan.